Xilin was the first school teaching Simplified Chinese in North America. The school was established in 1989. Since then, Xilin added enhanced Mathematics education, as well as various Dancing classes in the weekend and after school programs. Nowadays, Xilin has been growing significantly in both popularity and academically.

Xilin was, and will be focusing on developing a brand new method to tech Modern Chinese in the English environment and culture. Based on <<Learning Chinese>> text book, published by Ji Na Text Book from China, through our years of practice and efforts, we invented <<Chinese Make Easy>>, which was obtained the honor of “Model Oversea Chinese School”. The intense and the interacting education make the students learning Chinese in a much more interesting and efficient way.

Xilin’s Mathematics class in after school is another success example. Combined with the advanced methods in East and West education, Xilin’s Math teaching inspires the logic thinking and repeating practice. The students are trained on to take the challengers and thinking independently. Many students in Xilin’s Math classes were nominated in State and National wide Math competitions.

 Xilin’s Dancing programs attract the people in all the ages. The students earned one Platinum award, one High Gold award and one Gold award in 2014 IDC, “International Dancing Competition”; another Platinum award in 2015 IDC competition. In annual Lantern Festival celebration, Xilin students had the chance to play with the professional performers. Their excellent Chinese dancing deeply impressed the audients. It turns attracting more children from all different culture backgrounds to learn Chinese dancing. Xilin Dancing School is now the part of “Chinese Art Star Group”.                                         

                ABOUT US                               希林中文学校始建于1989年,是北美第一家教中文简体字的学校. 建校以来,  希林中文学校结合海外华文教育的特点,与时俱进, 不断进行教学尝试, 为提高教学效果,已与国内教育机构合作,创造了一套在暨南<<中文>>教材基础上的, 以集中识字为教学主线的教学方法<<中文易学>>.这套教育方法达到了使学生在短期内掌握大量中文字词的目的, 大大增强了自主学习的兴趣, 收到显著的效果. 2009年被国侨办评为第一批"海外华文示范学校";  希林中文学校的数学教学,成功的结合和运用了东西方的教学理念,启发学生的独立思考和逻辑思维; 增强学生的技巧训练和解决难题的能力. 希林中文学校数学班的学生们均在美国学校成绩优异, 并有多人在伊州和全美数学比赛中获得名次; 希林中文学校的舞蹈课提供了具有民族特色的多舞种的课程. 希林中文学校的舞蹈在2014年的IDC比赛中获一白金, 一高金, 一金的好成绩; 2015年,  又有一个舞蹈获得IDC比赛的白金奖.  希林一年一度的灯节舞台演出, 让在希林中文学校舞蹈班的学习的学员们有学习和实现梦想的机会. 在芝加哥和Naperville的舞台上, 与专业演员同台演出,精湛的中国风情的艺术表演, 吸引了越来越多的美国人,华裔和他们的孩子. 通过这个舞台,让更多的世界人了解中国.  2015年被国侨办授于”华星艺术团”称号.

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Lake County Chinese School, lakecountychineseschool.org, Xilin Lake County Chinese School6615 Grand Ave, Suite B, 350Gurnee, IL 60031

Xilin Academy, xilinchineseschool.org, 1163 E. Ogden Ave.Suite 301 (Main Office)Suite 509 (After school and Dance Studio)Naperville, IL 60563

Bohua Chinese School ,, Bohua Chinese School1750 38th StreetBoulder, CO 80301(Bohua Chinese School Mailing Address)